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Posted by: Steve Kimmel 3 months ago

How can we make a difference in our community? At the Youth Services Bureau of Huntington County (YSB), we ask ourselves this often. YSB works hard with every interaction to find success.

YSB cherishes moments like these:

* When a young man, who was involved with YSB many years ago still comes in frequently to just “check in” or to have a sounding board as he continues to face challenges in his life.

* A young mother who proudly visits the office to introduce her newborn daughter. She is so thankful YSB helped her get her life together. “I am not sure where I would be without you guys.”

* Or a room of middle school and high school students who were excited when I said I would be proud if I was their grandma, and now every time they see me, they smile, and say “hi grandma.” Some even give me a hug.

Support like yours is what make these moments possible.

* $75 provides one age-appropriate car seat for an infant with education and instillation as needed

* $100 provides immediate crisis intervention to a youth in dealing with a potentially life-threatening situation

* $300 provides suicide prevention education for adults and youth

* $300 provides a full academic day for students who need a modification academic and social setting to achieve their goals

* $500 provides an 8-week (16 hours) life skills class that provides not only social skills but substance abuse education.

YSB serves thousands of kids annually through the support from people like you. Thank you in advance for your consideration in contributing to this year’s “Making a Difference” campaign. Please, reach out to me or one of our dedicated board members with any question you may have.

To make a contribution visit the website at or send the check to the office at 1344 Maple Drive, Huntington, IN 46750.

Warm Regards,
Jan Williams, Executive Director
Youth Services Bureau of Huntington County